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Artist : さユり (Sayuri)
Title (Single) : フラレガイガール-special edition
Release Date : 2016年12月7日

内容紹介 :



なおさユりは10月8日から10日にかけて大阪・ミナミ地域にて行われるサーキットイベント「FM802 MINAMI WHEEL 2016」の3日目に出演。当日のライブでは「フラレガイガール」が初披露される。

The details of the new single to release on さ ユ りが December 7 were announced.

“I am dumped, and the single title is decided to a fellow girl”, and, as for the title music, Hiroshi Noda Jiro (RADWIMPS) acts as produce. In addition, coupling music としてさ ユ りが words, new song “Anonymous” whom Sayuri composed is put, and 3 forms of-limited board B are prepared for in the first time attached to the DVD which Sayuri put-limited board A, a music video of “Anonymous” in in the first time attached to the DVD which usually recorded picture privileges other than a board. In addition, the different coupling music is recorded every each form, too, and these details are announced later.

It is appearance after three days of one of circuit event “FM802 MINAMI WHEEL 2016” performed in Osaka, Minami area from なおさ ユ りは October 8 through 10th. “I am dumped, and a fellow girl” is shown by the live of the day for the first time.



“酸欠少女”さユり RADWIMPS・野田洋次郎 楽曲提供&プロデュース「フラレガイガール」、 独創的な映像で描く”美と感情”のMV


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