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Artist : ときめき♡宣伝部 (Tokimeki Senden Bu)
Title (Single) : ガンバ!!
Release Date : 2016年11月9日

内容紹介 :







The tour of palpitation ▽ publicity department “palpitation ▽ Gamba a challenge tour” began with the leaf of Chiba, the La La Port oak on September 11.

Single on November 9; “Gamba” when a measure makes its debut from で universal music; 宣. This tour was carried out for the release of their major debut single, and a large number of fans gathered it in the meeting place of the opening performance. A great shout of joy wells up while a national anthem of the United States of America plays when 宣 appears in the stage through a seat at time with the flag of the universal music.

They are open and straightforward once; on “overture” again to the stage. And “rah-rah turned a towel to the audience intensely when I started a live by rah-rah!” like a brick. 宣 reports that a measure makes its debut from universal music to a fan some other time in MC at time. After having finished self-introduction, expand, and “Gamba” shows coupling music “せきがえのうた” of the change of clothes board and heaps up a meeting place. I jumped out of a stage with “beauty” and I sang among the audiences and excited オーディエンス by a hot performance.

“Palpitation ▽ Gamba Haruka Koizumi is a challenge in a jag ring at the corner of the challenge”. It was a problem to be clear, but the result was failure, and Koizumi drained tears of vexation when I came at ten times of jag rings without dropping a ball. To the air that she does not arrive at ten times at a little more afterwards although I challenged it several times either, and the meeting place is delicate. Drink ノニジュース where was prepared as a punishment game saying the other members and staff who became unable to stay are saying “house and others drink it because did the best in spring!”; “beat fast ▽ Gamba the corner of the challenge” was finished.

After having shown を for the first time, as for five, was just shown “Gamba” major debut music the other day in YouTube; “Gamba” is an introduction in the highlight of the の music video. And finally, I sang “our future” emotionally in a seat and completed an event.

Of the next time “palpitation ▽ Gamba is a state when the course of the challenge” was announced. (photography: Daigo Nakamura)
“Palpitation ▽ Gamba the performance is carried out in Tokyo, Tokyo ドームシティラクーアガーデンステージ on September 18 on the next time of the challenge tour”. Of this time “palpitation ▽ Gamba is Tsujino by a challenge”, or despising you challenges 30 times of doubleness hops.



ときめき♡宣伝部「ガンバ!!」MUSIC VIDEO


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