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Artist : ゆず
Title (Single) : タッタ
Release Date : 2017年3月11日

内容紹介 :




New song “タッタ” of the citron is released as the first musical piece of the 20th anniversary of the debut tomorrow in each music delivery site on March 11.

“タッタ” is a theme song for 2,017 years of Fuji TV system variety program “めちゃ *2 good ッ!”. On the stage “only of the recital with a musical instrument performance citron” of the citron performed in Tokyo, Tokyo Dome in last November, it is the Takashi Okamura (NINETY-NINE) and others collaboration that “めちゃ is good”, and a member realized in form to negotiate directly about program theme song production. Theme song “タッタ” which “めちゃ was good”, and では, citron sang of the broadcast was shown for the first time on January 7 and gathered big topics with “タッタダンス” which “めちゃ was good” by the choreography of the Kent harpoon, and a member danced.

Again tomorrow of the Saturday, March 11 broadcast because “めちゃ is good”, and には, citron come up as a guest again; a fan without passing over.


1. タッタ


ゆず『タッタ』フルサイズ歌詞付 めちゃイケ新テーマ曲を弾き語りしてみた


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