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Artist : カネコアヤノ
Title (Single) : さよーならあなた
Release Date : 2016年12月7日

内容紹介 :


前作「hug」から約7カ月のスパンでの発表となる本作には、ボーナストラックを含む全5曲が収録される。タイトルトラックの「さよーならあなた」はバンドメンバーに林宏敏(G / 踊ってばかりの国)、本村拓磨(B / Gateballers)、濱野泰政(Dr)を迎えてレコーディングされたナンバー。このほか映画「退屈な日々にさようならを」の主題歌に採用された同名の楽曲「退屈な日々にさようならを」の新録バージョン、弾き語りの新曲などが収められる。録音ならびにミックスはYogee New Waves、サニーデイ・サービスなどを手がける池内亮が担当した。


New work CD “さよーならあなた” of Ayano Kaneko is released in a meeting place more live than November 22.

All five pieces including the bonus truck are recorded in this product becoming the announcement at the span of approximately seven months by previous work “hug”. The number that “さよーならあなた” of the title truck made Hiromu Hayashi shrewd (country dancing G /) Takuma Motomura (B / Gateballers), Yasumasa Hamano (Dr) a band member, and was recorded. In addition, musical piece “bored days good-bye” of the same name adopted by a theme song in movie “bored days good-bye” a version to register newly, the new song of the recital with a musical instrument are put. Ryo Ikeuchi who dealt with Yogee New Waves, Sonny D service was in charge of the recording and the mixture.

In addition, as for the specifications of this product, 2 becomes usually in the form of board and special board, and the sale in some stores and her official mail order site starts on December 7. It is announced later especially about the details and the handling store of the board.





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