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Artist : キヲク座
Title (Album) : 色あはせ
Release Date : 2016年12月21日

内容紹介 :


今回のツアーは3月20日(日)の岐阜Café HIFUMIをかわきりに、7都県8箇所の本屋・お寺・旧校舎など様々な「木の空間」を巡るものになる。




I announced the Japanese nursery rhyme and song that it was novel, and project “キヲク seat” to arrange performed a release tour of 1st album “color あはせ” which it released in last December.

As for this tour, it is to a thing around various “space of the tree” including the old school building a bookstore, the temple of eight places of 7 capital prefectures in a river in Gifu CaféHIFUMI of Sunday, March 20.

Because album “color あはせ” released in last December is not known to the class of youth and middle-ages too much though there are splendid nursery rhyme and song in Japan, I change it by the sound that added modern “play” vividly, and it is said that I feel that it is a chance to have many people intellect takes you and listen and was produced.

Mr. John Macken tire and Mr. of toe TASS George tongue Japanese poplar of the engineer who dealt with Travis are in charge of a mixture engineer. Mr. Sei Ono gene acts as the master ring engineer.

Because it is approached, in the album special page, I will check the great admiration comment from Yukihiko Tsutsumi and Mr. Shigeru Kikuchi hole.



待ちぼうけ/ Machibouke PV キヲク座/ Kiwokuza


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