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Artist : チャラン・ポ・ランタン (Charan-Po-Rantan)
Title (Album) : トリトメナシ
Release Date : 2017年1月18日

内容紹介 :




A music video of the new song “sorrow” of the tea orchid ポ lantern was uploaded in YouTube formula channel of AVEX.

The musical piece that is recorded in original “approximately” full album “avian Tome pear” of チャランポ where “the sorrow” is released on January 18. A performance and the arrangement are things with the band Hika Reno atelier consisting of tour members of Mr. Children who participated in Koharu (Accordion) of the older sister.

I can watch MV of this musical piece in a short version in YouTube. “It is 逃 げるは shame, but “advance, and the DVD which added a privilege picture to MV of four pieces including even if I sometimes escape” is attached to the CD+DVD board of the album “avian Tome pear” an opening theme of it is useful” “sorrow” and a drama affiliated with TBS.



チャラン・ポ・ランタン / Mr.Childrenアレンジ/演奏「かなしみ」Music Video(short ver.)


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