久保ユリカ – ありがとうの時間

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Artist : 久保ユリカ (Yurika Kubo)
Title (Single) : ありがとうの時間
Release Date : 2016年12月7日

内容紹介 :


[email protected][email protected]y Cuty My Snow Man」と、表題曲とカップリング曲のインストゥルメンタルバージョンが収録される。YouTubeでは現在、表題曲のミュージックビデオショートバージョンとあわせて、「Happy Cuty My Snow Man」の試聴音源が公開されている。


Collecting content of the single “time of thank you” of Yurika Kubo released on December 7 became clear.

The single-breasted suit is 4 truck constitution. Other than title music, song “Happy Cuty My Snow Man” and an instrumental music version of title music and the coupling music are recorded for the winter when [email protected] dealt with composition, arrangement. Yurika Kubo matches it with music video shortstop version of the title music, and an audition sound source of “Happy Cuty My Snow Man” is shown now in YouTube.

In addition, the single is released with 2 forms of the first limited board and the normal board, and the DVD which MV full-length version of the title music was recorded in is attached to the first time-limited board.



【久保ユリカ】「ありがとうの時間」MV short ver.


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