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Artist : 偶想Drop (Guso Drop)
Title (Album) : Painfully violent
Release Date :

内容紹介 :

偶想Dropのミニアルバム「Painfully violent」が本日5月17日にリリースされた。



偶想Dropは7月23日に東京・Zepp Tokyoでワンマンライブ「限りなく反射的に絶頂♀」を開催することが決定している。

Mini album “Painfully violent” of 偶想 Drop was released today on May 17.

This work which becomes the first sound source after becoming six systems by member participation. A music video of the title music is shown with the YouTube formula channel of the group, and the scene where a white liquid and a red liquid are hung in the scene that six people sing intensely and dance and the face of the member is finished to the picture of the grotesque impression to mix.

Material of the jackets is sandpaper, and it is the design of the one point thing where a member takes a red liquid by manual labor and foot work and touched a design.

A live autocratic in 偶想 Drop on July 23 in Tokyo, Zepp Tokyo it “is decided to hold top ♀” limitlessly reflectively.


1. Painfully violent
2. やっぱ羨まFake
3. Magic inside
4. I(∵)L
5. Painfully violent(instrumental)
6. やっぱ羨まFake(instrumental)
7. Magic inside(instrumental)
8. I(∵)L(instrumental)
9. Bonus Track


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