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Artist : 和島あみ
Title (Single) : アイ (TV edit)
Release Date : 2017年1月7日

内容紹介 :

和島あみの新曲「アイ」が、テレビアニメ「デジモンユニバース アプリモンスターズ」の新エンディングテーマとして1月よりオンエアされる。


なお12月29日に東京都内の会場で行われる和島のバースデーイベント「AMI WAJIMA presents 『わじー 18th birthday party』」に和田が出演することが決定。当日は新曲「アイ」が初披露される。

The new song “eye” of the Wajima net is broadcasted as a new ending theme of TV animated cartoon “デジモンユニバースアプリモンスターズ” from January.

Wajima comments on which “I feel honored to be able to let you concern with the new series of the historical work called デジモン with a song this time very!” about this tie-up decision saying “I am happy if listening even to the ending to drift last of the animated cartoon is what or feels it”. In addition, burn the songwriting arrangement of “the eye” Wada who dealt, and opening tells, “I thought that I want to see it to listen to a ballad in this voice after listening to the singing voice of the vocalist Wajima net for the first time all the time and so made it with oneself”.

It “is decision that Wada appears in AMI WAJIMA presents “わじー 18th birthday party” an event on a birthday of Wajima who is still performed in a meeting place in Tokyo on December 29. A new song “eye” is shown for the first time on the day.



和島あみ 「アイ」(1st ALBUM 「I AM」収録) MV short ver.


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