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Artist : 安田 レイ (Rei Yasuda)
Title (Single) : Classy
Release Date : 2016年11月14日

内容紹介 :



また今作のアートワークは雑誌「NYLON JAPAN」とのコラボレーションによるもの。これまでのポップなビジュアルとは趣の異なる、スタイリッシュでクールな安田の魅力が表現されている。

Rei Yasuda deliver it on November 14, and new song “Classy” of Rei Yasuda is released tomorrow.

CM song of the Sony LCD television “bra beer” which Keiko Kitagawa that “Classy” is broadcasting it yesterday from November 12 appears. It is the positive, happy “girls yell song” that words such as “latest best days” “winning by the thing which Rei Yasuda enjoyed” were inlaid with. Ahead of the delivery of the musical piece, a music video of the music is shown in YouTube.

Artwork of the products is a thing by the collaboration with magazine “NYLON JAPAN” now again. Charm of stylish, cool Yasuda where is different from the conventional pop visual in the flavor is expressed.



安田レイ 『Classy』Video Clip ソニー ブラビアTVCM曲


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