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Artist : 神田莉緒香 (Rioka Kanda)
Title (Album) : 大きくて小さい世界
Release Date : 2016年11月9日

内容紹介 :




Rioka Kanda incense releases the new album “big, small world” on November 9.

With the “happy song” “my and your story that Rioka Kanda released today on June 29 as a start,” it is “Bambi” and Kanda that is bimonthly, and announces the delivery single “last” “run hedgehog” “place to come back” through on October 12 on August 31. All 11 pieces that added a newly written new song to these singles are recorded in “the big, small world” becoming the album for the first time in approximately two and a half years. In addition, as for the sound produce, Taichi Nakamura acts as the arrangement produce Kanda.

She holds an autocratic live in Tokyo, Akasaka BLITZ on November 12 just after the album release. Rioka Kanda accepts the advance reservation of the ticket in the E plus from 12:00 on July 23.



[MV]さいごに 神田莉緒香 Full Ver.


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