結城義広 – また明日会えるよね / ディスティニー

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Artist : 結城義広
Title (Single) : また明日会えるよね / ディスティニー
Release Date : 2017年3月29日

内容紹介 :


The folk blues number that is comfortable rhythm to shuffle that singer-songwriter, Yoshihiro Yuki of selling sing a groove with a melody and Japanese which are easy to adjust to a base by soul music. It is sad, and he spells awkward relations with her that Tokyo Koenji that the live has been ever based in associates on the stage of a naive mall. From reading aloud play “dear future of Manager Mayumi Yamamoto who it is always the number that has been sung for a live repertory, but plays an active part as a copywriter … Taking advantage of what was appointed as ending theme music of “, it becomes this release.


1. また明日会えるよね


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