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Artist : A9
Title (Album) : Grace
Release Date : 2016年10月17日

内容紹介 :

A9 revealed a while back that they were releasing a music collection titled G r a c e with three discs in total. The first and second discs contain EPs Ginga no wo to and LIGHT AND DARKNESS respectively, while the third disc has the music videos for Phoenix, Speilgel and PRISMATIC; and you don’t have to wait long at all because it’s been out since August 17! Unfortunately, it sold out on HMV’s website early on, and it doesn’t appear to be sold elsewhere, so let’s just hope they have some reserved in store.

They have also uploaded a new artist photo in regards to their one-man live A9 XII ANNIVERSARY 2004-2005 ONLY LIVE “NO NAME” -Yet there is no name-, taking place on August 28 at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. Check it out above!





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