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Artist : [Alexandros]
Title (Single) : SNOW SOUND
Release Date : 2017年2月1日

内容紹介 :

[Alexandros]のニューシングル「SNOW SOUND / 今まで君が泣いた分取り戻そう」が、2月1日にリリースされる。

収録曲の「SNOW SOUND」は、本日12月1日より放送がスタートするJR東日本 2016-2017 JR SKISKI CMソングで、温かみのあるミディアムチューン。CDリリースに先駆け、1月4日からは先行配信が行われる。この配信ジャケットにはCMキャラクターの桜井日奈子が登場する。

この曲について川上洋平(Vo, G)は「雪国出身のバンドではありませんが、だからこそ雪に憧れる気持ちはわかります。そういった気持ちを込めました」とコメント。なお、CM映像はYouTubeでも公開されている。

もう1曲の「今まで君が泣いた分取り戻そう」は2月25日公開の映画「きょうのキラ君」主題歌で、このほかライブ音源2曲も収録される。初回限定盤は今年11月に東京・六本木ヒルズアリーナで行われたフリーライブ「[Alexandros]「EXIST!」Launch Party at Roppongi Hills」の模様を収めたDVD付き。


[Alexandros] “Let’s regain の new single as much as you cried until SNOW SOUND / now,” but is released on February 1.

The medium tune that warm in the JR East 2016-2017 JR SKISKI CM song that broadcast starts “SNOW SOUND” of the collecting music on December 1 today. Ahead of CD release, precedent delivery is carried out from January 4. Hinako Sakurai of the CM character appears on this delivery jacket.

Yohei Kawakami (Vo, G) comments on this music saying “it is not a band from snowy district, but therefore I understand the feeling attracted by snow and loaded it with such a feeling”. In addition, the CM picture is shown in YouTube.

In addition, another one piece of “let’s regain it as much as you cried so far” is recorded in two pieces of live sound sources by open movie “Kira theme song of today” on February 25. With DVD which I put a design of free live “[Alexandros] “EXIST!” Launch Party at Roppongi Hills” where the first limited board was performed in Tokyo, Roppongi Hills arena in this November in.

I am honored to be able to be engaged in CM that we drifted to from school days. It is not a band from snowy district, but therefore understands the feeling attracted by snow. I put such a feeling. The sound made a new thing, but the thing which felt nostalgic for the melody slightly, and was sad was completed. Please hear a song in the [Alexandros]’s first winter. Oh, probably I sing in the summer.



JRSKISKI TVCM 目線篇 30秒+15秒


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