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Artist : angela
Title (Single) : Calling You
Release Date : 2017年5月20日

内容紹介 :


ネット端末遺伝子を求める探索者・霧亥(キリイ)役は櫻井孝宏。霧亥と行動をともにする科学者・シボ役は花澤香菜、絶滅寸前の危機に瀕する村で暮らす少女・づる役は雨宮天、づると同じ村に住む電基漁師のリーダー・おやっさん役は山路和弘、おやっさんの右腕で同じく電基漁師の捨造役は宮野真守、づるの親友で電基漁師の少女・タエ役は洲崎綾がそれぞれ演じる。また島崎信長、梶裕貴、豊崎愛生もキャストに名を連ねている。さらに音楽は菅野祐悟が担当し、主題歌にはangelaの「Calling you」が起用された。



The main cast, staff of theater animated cartoon “BLAME!” by 弐瓶勉原作, a main visual were shown.

Explorer, the 霧亥 (キリイ) position for the net terminal gene is Takahiro Sakurai. Similarly, as for the part of girl, づる where scientist, the シボ position sharing 霧亥 and an action lives in 花澤香菜, a village on the verge just before the extinction, as for the part of leader, おやっさん of the electric basis fisherman living in the Amemiya sky, the づると same village, in 捨造役 of the electric basis fisherman, Aya Suzaki plays the part of girl, Tae of the electric basis fisherman in 宮野真守, づるの close friends with Kazuhiro Yamaji, the おやっさんの right arm each. In addition, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Hiroki Kaji, Aki Toyosaki link the name in the cast, too. Furthermore, 菅野祐悟 was in charge of the music, and “Calling you” of angela was appointed as a theme song.

In total on the Pub. Date clearly. I am shown nationwide only in two weeks from May 20. This notice was lifted the ban on, and the figure of the character whom Sakurai and others exposed to a voice came out. Sale starts the advance ticket on February 25 in a screening theater. As the privilege first, a large size sticker was prepared.
The hard SF that two bottles of initial work “BLAME!” was published serially from 1997 through 2003 in (Kodansha) in monthly afternoon. On the stage of the future of the darkness that the human gets rid as an illegal resident, and is crossed out, a figure searching for the hierarchy city where 霧亥 and others are super huge is drawn.

Hiroyuki Seshimo that an animated cartoon dealt with “a knight of シドニア” as for the supervision of the theater animated cartoon. Furthermore, with this product, two bottles act as the total supervision such as a scenario or the character design, and Polygon Pictures is in charge of the animation production.


1. Calling You


劇場アニメ『BLAME!(ブラム)』本予告② BLAME! The Movie Trailer②


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