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Artist : ave;new
Title (Album) : Tiphereth
Release Date : 2017年6月2日

内容紹介 :

ave;new feat.佐倉紗織、 3rdアルバム「Lumina」より約2年半ぶりとなるオリジナルソロアルバム! ave;newプロデューサーa.k.a.dRESSによる書き下ろし新曲「EDEN or HEAVEN」、 佐倉紗織が自ら作詞作曲を手掛けた「everlasting CODE」などアルバム初収録曲をはじめ、 既発表曲は全曲リミックスのTipherethバージョン、 さらにアルバムの軸となる「root REASON」「Emotion SEED」「Bourgeon」は ボーカルも新たにレコーディングした新録バージョンを収録。 「生命・美・調和」を象徴する極彩色の4thアルバム! !

ave; It is ave; the original solo album that it becomes approximately two and a half years since the last than new feat. Saori Sakura, 3rd album “Lumina” Including album first collecting music including “everlasting CODE” where Saori Sakura dealt with songwriting by oneself newly written new song “EDEN or HEAVEN” by new producer a.k.a.dRESS, as for the existing announcement music, Tiphereth version of the all songs re-mixture records a version to register newly that the vocal recorded newly in axis and “root REASON” “Emotion SEED” “Bourgeon” of the album where it is more. The richly colored 4th album which symbolizes “life, the beauty, harmony!” !


2. root REASON
4. クチヅケDRIVE
5. snow tiara
6. Bourgeon
7. Mellow Fragrance
8. Need You Back
9. étoiles bleues
11. Emotion SEED
12. S.P.E.E.D.
13. 黄昏シルエット
14. Double Eclipse
15. everlasting CODE


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  1. ok…………………

    so this photo i saw on this album seems to be this lady was too…… something cute………… ehh?

    hmm, it seems that her face was too whitey and fleshy …………….. wait how old was she ?

    seems to be that girl is too young and her voice looks like a kawaii doll lady…………………

    i’m so curious on this……
    anyway , i got an album from now…. thanks

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