BIM – 6 Words Holiday feat. ERA

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Artist : BIM
Title (Single) : 6 Words Holiday feat. ERA
Release Date : 2017年4月12日

内容紹介 :

BIM(THE OTOGIBANASHI’S)が1月にVHSシングルとして発表した「6 Words Holiday feat. ERA」が、4月12日に配信リリースされることが決定した。

「6 Words Holiday feat. ERA」はBIMが自らトラックプロデュースを担当し、ERAをフィーチャリングゲストに迎えたナンバー。彼らの休日に対するイメージを描いたこの曲は、すでにライブでも披露され好評を得ている。



What “6 Words Holiday feat. ERA” which BIM(THE OTOGIBANASHI’S) announced as a VHS single person in January delivered it on April 12, and was released was decided.

The number that BIM was in charge of truck produce by oneself in “6 Words Holiday feat. ERA”, and made ERA a featuring guest. This music that I described the image for their holiday in is already shown live and gets a favorable reception.

With the YouTube formula channel of SUMMIT, I released a new music video of this music to a delivery start. Belonging crew, Heiyuu of CreativeDrugStore deal with BIM, and the editing of MV becomes the contents unlike the collecting picture of the VHS.

In addition, as coupling of the delivery single, “the orange sherbet” that MV was shown in YouTube is released last year.


1. 6 Words Holiday feat. ERA

2. オレンジシャーベット


BIM / "6 Words Holiday feat. ERA" (Official Video)


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