Black-Beatz – 1980 (feat. ISSEI & Yo∞Hey)

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Artist : Black-Beatz
Title (Single) : 1980 (feat. ISSEI & Yo∞Hey)
Release Date : 2016年9月25日

内容紹介 :

数々のヒットを世に放ってきたサウンドプロデューサーDJ KENZI aka BLACKBEATZが仕掛けるニューシングル『1980』がここに完成。客演には、自身の楽曲や多くの客演で話題作をリリースしてきたラッパーISSEIと人気R&BグループTHE CLASSの一員でもあるシンガーYo∞Heyを迎え、1980年代をモチーフにしたバブリーな世界観を描いた一曲。一度聴けば全く新しいサウンドの世界へ引き込まれるはず。

New single “1980” which sound producer DJ KENZI aka BLACKBEATZ which gave off many hits in the life sets is completion here. One piece that described a view of the world that was vav Lee who did it in a motif in singer Yo ∞ Hey which was a member of rapper ISSEI and popularity R & B group THE CLASS which released a topic product by a musical piece of oneself and much guest appearance for guest appearance in meeting, the 1980s. Black-Beatz should be drawn into the world of the totally new sound once if Black-Beatz listen.



BLACKBEATZ feat.ISSEI,Yo∞Hey / 1980【Music Video】


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