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Artist : films
Title (Album) : signs from the past
Release Date : 2016年11月3日

内容紹介 :

films : signs from the past (2016年11月3日リリース)



今回は、美しいエレクトロニカユニットの代名詞、matryoshkaのヴォーカリストであるcaluを全面的にフィーチャー。filmsの伸びやかなハイトーンヴォイスとcaluの優しい歌との折り重なる声のタペストリーは、まさに美しさの極地です。また、坂本龍一や小林武史などの音楽家からも熱い支持を受けるピアニスト、Yuki Murataが作曲を、ポストクラシカル界の世界的インストゥルメンタルバンド、Anoiceが演奏を、数多くの映画やCMを手がける音楽家、Takahiro Kidoがアレンジとミキシングを、そして破壊的エレクトロニカサウンドの第一人者、KASHIWA Daisukeがマスタリングを担当。日本を代表するアーティストによるドリームチームが作る、極上のメロディーとサウンドをお楽しみください。

まるでスタジオジブリ映画のメインテーマのような美しいメロディーが特徴のM4「kumoito」や、壮大なオーケストラサウンドが涙を誘うM5「gentle rain」、そしてfilmsをダークファンタジーユニットと言わしめるラストチューンM8「sympathizer」など、歴史に残る名曲をたっぷり収録。シガーロスやビョークの「美」に勝るとも劣らない、心が洗われるような壮大な歴史的名盤の誕生です。

一部CDショップ、及びRicco LabelオフィシャルウェブストアにてCDをお買い上げの方には、filmsの未発表曲とKASHIWA Daisukeによるリミックストラックを収録した限定ミニアルバム、AnoiceやYuki Murataのアートワークも手がける画家、岡田尚子による特製ポストカード、そして美しいメロディーとサウンドが満載のRicco LabelのレーベルサンプラーCDをプレゼント!

films : signs from the past(to be released on 3 November, 2016)

The beauty always embraces the sadness.

This is the third album ‘signs from the past’ from Films, a dark fantasy unit featuring two female vocalists who sing in their own originally created languages and the magnificent classical sound which supports their beautiful melodies. They express their own music ‘dark fantasy music’ that has also been highly praised by Nobuo Uematsu who is famous as the music composer for Final Fantasy series.

This album also features Calu, the vocalist of Matryoshka, a Japanese popular electronica unit. You can find a beautiful tapestry made of Films’ unconstrained high tone voices and Calu’s gentle warm voice. In addition, all tracks were composed by Yuki Murata who is the pianist admired by many musicians such as Ryuichi Sakamoto and Takeshi Kobayashi. The music comprises of Anoice, a cinematic instrumental music group, who played all the instruments, Anoice member, Takahiro Kido, arranged and mixed, and at finally, KASHIWA Daisuke who is a leading composer of destructive electric music, did the mastering works. Combined, they present the finest melodies and sounds created by a dream team formed of many artists who are representative of the Japanese music scene.

This album contains tunes such as ‘ kumoito’, featuring a beautiful melody like a theme song of Studio Ghibli’s movie, ‘gentle rain’, a magnificent orchestral music which invites tears to you, and ‘sympathizer’ which expresses Films music of dark fantasy. All the tracks are masterpieces which have a beauty in no way inferior to that of Sigur Rós and Björk.

You can also get a CD including Films’ unreleased track and a remixed track created by KASHIWA Daisuke, a post card designed by Naoko Okada who was not only the illustrator for this release, but also Anoice and Yuki Murata’s albums, and Ricco Label’s music catalog CD; All of which are also part of the CD package deals only available on the Ricco Label website.



films – kumoito (official music video)


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