FOLKS – クロマキードーナッツ / FIN.

FOLKS クロマキードーナッツ / FIN. Download MP3 RAR ZIP M4A AAC FOLKS KUromaki Donuts / FIN.

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Artist : FOLKS
Title (Single) : クロマキードーナッツ / FIN.
Release Date : 2016年12月23日

内容紹介 :

本日6月1日、FOLKSが自主レーベル「FOLKS RECORD」の発足を発表した。



On June 1, FOLKS announced the start of voluntary label “FOLKS RECORD” today.

FOLKS which is formed in 2013, and is active based in Hokkaido. They showed a new song “chrome frame doughnut” and the message toward the listener with the start report of the voluntary label in a specially installed page.

In addition, FOLKS which made a new start as a band presents split tour “O2” with nicoten in 7 cities of the whole country from June.



FOLKS 『クロマキードーナッツ』


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