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Artist : GADORO
Title (Single) : クズ
Release Date : 2016年12月2日

内容紹介 :


年齢は24歳でR-指定と同じ年代になるGADORO。 九州の宮崎県出身で、高校二年生の時に大御所ラッパー・」般若の楽曲に惹きこまれ、ラップを始めました。 その後は着実にスキルを積み、UMB宮崎予選では2014年に優勝した経歴があります。 「韻に踏まれないラップ」をモットーとし、韻には自分のバックボーンを込め、その通り説得力のあるラップをかましてる若手有望株の一人です。 UMBでは「宮崎産 Killer machine」として大活躍。

GADORO (ガドロ) which appeared in free-style dungeon, and attracted attention at a bound. The owner of the career that won the championship in spite of being a young person in the qualifier of the big meeting including UMB and war pole MC. In such GADORO the emergency black history? And I am worried about the age very much what which the number of is how many it will be … . In addition, I take up a topic talked about with a profile of young person rapper GADORO this time because a battle in UMB with the bittern was great too hotly.

GADORO which age is 24 years old, and is the generation same as R-designation. I was from Miyazaki of Kyushu, and it was attracted at the age of an eleventh grader by a musical piece of influential figure rapper ・” wisdom and began rap. I acquire a skill steadily, and there is the career that won the championship in 2014 afterwards in the UMB Miyazaki qualifier. I assume “the lap which is not stepped on for a rhyme” a motto and put one’s backbone for a rhyme and am the one of the young person rose color stock bracing with a lap with the street persuasive power. I make an outstanding performance as “Killer machine from Miyazaki” in UMB.



【Official MV】 GADORO / クズ


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