GARNiDELiA – GARNiDELiA ~リスアニ!LIVE 2017 in 武道館~

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Artist : GARNiDELiA
Title (Single) : GARNiDELiA ~リスアニ!LIVE 2017 in 武道館~
Release Date : 2017年4月16日

内容紹介 :




*こちらの楽曲は4月8日(土)より全国の『Hi-Res Tasting Spot』を設置している家電店(一部除く)ウォークマンコーナーでの試聴も可能!

I release the musical piece that GARNiDELiA showed in “squirrel older brother !LIVE2017”, the live sound source of the “ambiguous” “wolf girl” only in delivery!

This musical piece that band sound full of a feeling of scamper and dramatic strings are impressive. It is a break of instant after the bridges leaving the lingering sound of strings to be above all impressive. リヴァーブ letting you feel a natural box rumble gives a sense of reality to a listener.

One piece that I develop by constitution controlling lenience and severity centering on the rhythm corps that is グルーヴィー. In the part with a little number of phones, the charm of the fascinating singing voice of the vocal May rear stands out still more. It is the second opening section to be particularly impressive. タム of the later drum is vivid, sounding is excellent.

* This musical piece is available for the audition at the household appliance shop (excluded partly) Walkman corner setting up “Hi-Res Tasting Spot” than Saturday, April 8 of the whole country!


1. ambiguous LIVE ver. ~リスアニ!LIVE 2017 in 武道館~

2. オオカミ少女 LIVE ver. ~リスアニ!LIVE 2017 in 武道館~


リスアニ!LIVE 2017 開催 めざましテレビ (01/30)


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