Goodies – 愛燦燦/釜山港へ帰れ

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Download Goodies 愛燦燦/釜山港へ帰れ / Goodies Ai Sansan / Busan Ko e Kaere (MP3 / 320 KBPS / ZIP / ANTK-2102)


Artist : Goodies
Title (Single) : 愛燦燦/釜山港へ帰れ
Release Date : 2016年11月11日

内容紹介 :


Korean song king “Cho Yong-P’il” playing an active part in diva “Hibari Misora”, the world of the Showa on behalf of Japan. Goodies can speak English, Japanese, Korean freely, and “Goodies” which produced a powerful musical piece in spite of being a vocalist, a guitar, a violin and really simple constitution covers the famous tune of the Japan-Korea 2 super star whom anyone knows!



Goodiesー愛燦燦(Recording in Korea)


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