Goose house – 僕らだけの等身大

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Artist : Goose house
Title (Single) : 僕らだけの等身大
Release Date : 2017年1月6日

内容紹介 :

Goose houseの全国ホールツアーが、本日1月6日新潟県民会館を皮切りにスタートした。

新潟には初上陸となったGoose houseだが、ライブでは彼らのライブでは定番ともなっている「光るなら」「オトノナルホウヘ→」などを始め、1月6日にリリースとなったニューシングル「僕らだけの等身大」などを披露し大いに盛り上げた。

また、2月22日に発売となる約1年ぶりのアルバムのタイトルが「HEPTAGON」(読み:ヘプタゴン)となることを発表。HEPTAGONは7角形という意味で、「今のGoose house7人にしか描けない最高のアルバムが作れた」ことから名付けられたといい、ホールツアーとアルバムリリースにて脱退となる竹澤汀を含める現メンバーでの最後の作品となる。本日1月6日発売のニューシングル「僕らだけの等身大」は自身最高位となるオリコンデイリー2位を獲得し好スタートを切った。


A national hall tour of Goose house started today with citizens of Niigata Hall as a start on January 6.

“Shining” that is Goose house which became the first landing in Niigata, but it is if is classic by their live live, including “オトノナルホウヘ →”, release and the new single where it was showed “the size of life only for us” on January 6, and heaped up it very much.

In addition, I announce that the title of the album for the first time in approximately one year to become the release on February 22 becomes “HEPTAGON” (a reading: heptaGon). It is the last work in the existing members including withdrawal and the Takezawa beach where it is by a hall tour and the album release that it should have been named because HEPTAGON “was able to make the best album to be able to draw only on the person from present Goose house7” with the meaning of the heptagon. “Only we are as large as life” acquired the Oricon daily second place to become the oneself top, and a new single person of the release made a good start today on January 6.

Because the tour runs through all nine places until a performance in Tokyo international forum hall A of February 12, and a postcard set meeting place-limited as W privilege of the new single purchase and the album reservation seems to follow you in each ground meeting place; without passing over.



Goose house New Single『僕らだけの等身大』2017.1.6 release!


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