HKT48 – 必然的恋人

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Artist : HKT48
Title (Single) : 必然的恋人
Release Date : 2017年2月8日

内容紹介 :



A music video of “you may have a bug” was shown a new song of HKT48 in YouTube.

The title music of the new single where HKT48 releases, “you may have a bug” that Rino Sashihara act as the center on February 15. MV of this music to start from the scene where a member plays a game is finished to the picture which a positive message to cheer for people who do not succeed in the work including a comedian and the female office worker saying a member is saying “you may have a bug” was loaded with.



【MV】バグっていいじゃん(Short ver.) / HKT48[公式]


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