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Artist : Massan × Bashiry (MASSAN x BASHIRY)
Title (Album) : 阿吽
Release Date : 2016年10月19日

内容紹介 :

ヴァイナルを巡る針から響いてくるような独特の肉声感と抜群のフロウで形成されたMassanのRAPと歌心。砂まじりのザラつく弦の旋律。会場に漂わせる哀愁感を全身で掻き鳴らすBashiryのギター・話題のユニット”MASSAN × BASHIRY”のセカンド・アルバムが遂に到着!

A unique feeling of natural voice and RAP and meaning of a poem of Massan formed in outstanding Flo that sound from a needle over the vinal. The melody of the gritty string mixed with the sand. A second album of unit “MASSAN X BASHIRY” of a guitar, the topic of Bashiry strumming a feeling of sorrow to have it in a meeting place with a whole body is arrival at last!



孤独のパントマイマー / MASSAN × BASHIRY


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  1. Hello.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!
    Btw, track number 4 is missing.
    I tried both cloudup and google drive,
    but they only have 9 tracks.
    Would be great if you can fix them.
    Thanks again 🙂

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