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Artist : Miyuu
Title (Single) : Where we’ll be
Release Date : 2016年12月21日

内容紹介 :

女性シンガーソングライターMiyuuが、12月21日(水)にリリースするインディーズEP「Where we’ll be」のミュージックビデオを公開した。


12月17日(土)からはインディーズEPリリースイベントツアー<~Where we’ll be~>の開催も決定している。さらに2017年3月26日(日)には<TOKYO GIRLS MUSIC FES. 2017>にもオープニングアクトとして出演することも決定するなど、今精力的なライブ出演が続いていく予定だ。

Woman singer-songwriter Miyuu showed a music video of indies EP “Where we’ll be” to release on Wednesday, December 21.

It is whole book rain in the musical piece that I loaded with a strong will of oneself “whom I believe oneself with a straight feeling without being confused by the voice of the circumference while “the place not to still know” in the point where I believe oneself and advanced to holds a tangle and a trouble, uneasiness, and this product which the figure which sings with a guitar while getting wet gives a strong impression to wants to advance” to present. After an exhibition, many reactions are sent to “music “glossy hair is beautiful!” music that めっちゃ is good” for and a picture, and the state that expectation to EP is sublimed into is indicated.

The holding of indies EP release event tour <- Where we'll be -> is decided from Saturday, December 17, too. Furthermore, I decide to appear in as an opening act on Sunday, March 26, 2017, and energetic live appearance is going to continue now.



Miyuu / インディーズEP「Where we'll be」Music Video


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