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Artist : Norikiyo
Title (Single) : It is nothing like a Hiphop
Release Date : 2017年2月15日

内容紹介 :

3/31にでるNORIKIYOのアルバム「Bouquet」からの先行カット曲。Rapper’s DelightのフックからスチャダラパーやSEEDAも絡ませつつ、最高のNORIKYO節が炸裂。とにかく、というかやっぱりNORIKIYOのラップはかっこいいんだよなー。この節回しは唯一無二のフロウ。リリック関係なくずっと気持ちよく聴いてられる。


Ghetto HollywoodのMVも界隈の定番になってますけどやっぱりかっこいいですね。NORIKIYOのオールバックにジャージ姿のカットが力抜けた感じで好き。冒頭の「yeah, I’m back yo」のとこ最高。

Precedent cut music from album “Bouquet” of NORIKIYO appearing in 3/31. A best NORIKYO clause explodes while letting you coil yourself round スチャダラパー and SEEDA from a hook of Rapper’s Delight. Anyway, I say, or after all the lap of NORIKIYO is cool. This intonation is Flo of the one and only. I can listen without lyric poem relations comfortably all the time.

While it is said that lyric poem does not matter, this music likes the lyric poem, too. I sing only hip-hop with oneself with the title of the doh direct ball anymore. From “a survivor of CCG performing I rep”, anyway, “a cameo, is but have just begun, surely” punch line full loading. Even if “I like Trap, the origin can lie down”, and とか is said, and it cannot be said, and nothing is cool if I come in this beat and lime.

In MV of Ghetto Hollywood of the neighborhood though become classic, after all is cool. Power is the feeling that fell out and likes cuts dressed in the jerseys in all back of NORIKIYO. The opening “yeah, I’m back yo” のとこ best.


1. It is nothing like a Hiphop


【MV】NORIKIYO / It ain't nothing like Hip Hop


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