Party Rockets GT – 虹色ジェット

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Artist : Party Rockets GT
Title (Single) : 虹色ジェット
Release Date : 2016年2月24日

内容紹介 :

Party Rockets GTが4月17日に東京・新宿BLAZEにてワンマンライブを開催する。



Party Rockets GT‘s 6th single Nijiiro Jet (虹色ジェット) will be on sale on February 24th. New members Ayumi, Himeka and Nanase, who have joined the idol group last October, are making their first appearance on this single. In the MV, Party Rockets GT members are practicing choreography in a dance studio and in the streets of Tokyo. It is their first CD release for almost a year and a half. The lyrics of Nijiiro Jet and Mousou Chu were written by Yoshimizu Takayuki. Miyake Hideaki composed and arranged the music of both songs. Moreover, Party Rockets GT One-Man Live ~Dream on Dreamers~ will be held on April 17th at Shinjuku Blaze, Tokyo.



Party Rockets GT 6th single 「虹色ジェット」


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