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Artist : [.que]
Title (Album) : Wonderland
Release Date : 2017年6月29日

内容紹介 :

Wonderland is his eighth full length album and first for Sound In Silence. It’s a concept album of ten tracks based on ideas that started taking shape when Kakimoto composed the soundtrack of the short film Kurokawa Wonderland back in 2015. Harmonizing the warmth of acoustic instruments and folk elements with electronic textures and field recordings, [.que] creates a wonderful album full of emotional melodies and delicate rhythms. The skillful sound production of Wonderland by [.que] is completed with the careful mastering done by George Mastrokostas (aka Absent Without Leave), giving a warm natural sound to this masterpiece. Wonderland has a wide sound palette including gorgeous twinkly folktronica, joyful dream-pop and elegant post-rock and it’s a must-have album for fans of artists such as The Album Leaf, Message To Bears, Miaou and Epic45.alljpopによって投稿された元のソース。

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[.que] – Wonderland (Official Audio)


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