Rev.from DVL – Vampire

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Artist : Rev.from DVL
Title (Single) : Vampire
Release Date : 2016年12月16日

内容紹介 :

Rev.from DVLの西岡優菜が、10月8日のイベントをもってグループを卒業することが発表された。


It was announced that Nishioka A greens of Rev.from DVL graduated from a group with an event of October 8.

I explain, as a result of “being attracted by many clothes after making the debut, and the person whom I wear making the clothes which seem to be able to shine, and wanting to be engaged in the world of the fashion as a stagehand, and と coming to think, and having been troubled a lot, I think about the coexistence with Rev. to grant a dream that hard to please and decided graduation at this time” about the reason why Nishioka is a graduate. And I send a message for a fan saying “I am sorry that it is the one which I try hard as hard as possible to be able to report it which is good for everybody and says the state of things, but I am glad when you can support him and am such me, but love whom I am always near, and I supported!”.



Rev. from DVL – Vampire


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