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Artist : Rovo
Title (Album) : XI (eleven)
Release Date : 2016年10月26日

内容紹介 :



またアルバム発売を記念したツアーに参加するゲストアーティストも明らかとなった。ツアー初日の11月9日愛知公演にはナカコーが出演し、彼のソロプロジェクトであるNYANTORA、およびROVOとナカコーによるコラボパフォーマンスを披露する。翌10日の大阪公演には山本精一率いる5人組インストバンドPARAとさらなる追加アクトが、11月12日の東京公演にはKoji Nakamuraがバンド編成で登場。なおツアーファイナルとなる翌13日の東京公演はROVOのワンマンライブが展開される。


The title of the new album which ROVO releases in commemoration of the organization 20th anniversary on October 26 is decided in “XI(eleven)”. The details of the east Meihan Expressway tour to perform with a product were more just announced.

It is collecting with all five pieces that add it to four pieces of new songs in “XI”, and registered a live arrangement version of early representative music “KMARA” newly. In addition, ナカコー and U-zhaan participate in the recording of Koji Nakamura, also known as ナカコー and the musical piece that I made a coproduct as a guest player.

In addition, the guest artist who participated in a tour in commemoration of album release became clear. ナカコー appears for Aichi performance on November 9 of the first day of the tour and shows a collaboration performance by NYANTORA which is his solo project and ROVO and ナカコー. Koji Nakamura is band formation, and group of 5 in strike band PARA and a further additional act to lead Seiichi Yamamoto for Osaka performance of 10th, the following day come up for Tokyo performance of November 12. In addition, as for the tour finals and the Tokyo performance of 13th to be, the following day, an autocratic live of ROVO is developed.

Aichi, the ticket of the Osaka performance are released at each ticket agency on September 4. In addition, a consecutive ticket is prepared for two days with the souvenir and begins to sell Tokyo 2DAYS on ticket and September 10 in total in every day.



“R.o.N / ROVO” Music Video Created by Sasaki Hideaki


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