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Artist : SAWA
Title (Single) : CandyGirl
Release Date : 2016年11月4日

内容紹介 :


「CandyGirl」は、2013年7月にリリースされたシブヤDominionの2ndシングル『トキメキラヴァー』に収録された「Dear Candygirl」が生まれ変わった楽曲。

Yunomi feat.nicamoqでも知られる新進気鋭のクリエイターYunomiがアレンジを手がけ、SAWAがヴォーカルを担当している。


New song “CandyGirl” of SAWA delivered it in OTOTOY and started on Friday, November 4 today.

The musical piece that “Dear Candygirl” collected by 2nd single “palpitation lover” of Shibuya Dominion where “CandyGirl” was released in July, 2013 was reborn.

Creator Yunomi where is young and spirited which is known in Yunomi feat.nicamoq deals with arrangement, and SAWA is in charge of a vocalist.

In addition, birth festival 〈 サワソニ 22 birth festival 〉 of SAWA holds it on November 6 and shows “CandyGirl” by the event for the first time, and the meeting place-limited CD is going to be released, too.



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