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SAWAfeat.MIRI(ライムベリー) – ワナビア罠

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Artist : SAWAfeat.MIRI(ライムベリー)
Title (Single) : ワナビア罠
Release Date : 2016年8月4日

内容紹介 :


The SAWA’s first lap music. The featuring is MIRI of the lime berry. Perform musical piece production, CM song song, an outdoor festival of the sponsorship while working on idol produce including TOKYO cafe やねうちゃん (じゅじゅ); activity SAWA. Lap music first as for what I challenged as music of oneself this time. Existence that it is war pole MC battle that did love call to a featuring partner, but pulls a familiar idol lap, MIRI of the lime berry. An offer ardent for the collaboration that it is the first this time because SAWA always pays attention to a lap of MIRI, and リスペクト did the skill. “Is a challenge in the first lap, and because it is said, and with a genuine skill and a parenthesis like the MIRI which dominates the idol world wanted to do existence and collaboration, have a dream realized, and is nice”; is とのこと. This words are SAWA. With wanting MIRI to say as the lyrics, it becomes the form that MIRI expresses it. It is said that “let’s not pay we family register if it becomes 18” is the first favorite lines of MIRI in particular. RIKE familiar as for the composition arrangement in KOTO. I incorporated a melody line of the rust which SAWA hummed, and a musical piece full of a feeling of coproduct was completed. Two contrastive vocals get on the musical piece of the SAWA supremacy first hip-hop taste, and an exquisite chemical reaction is caused.





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