Sexy Zone – よびすて

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Artist : Sexy Zone
Title (Single) : よびすて
Release Date : 2016年10月19日

内容紹介 :

デビューからシングル、アルバム全15作連続1位獲得!! 間もなくデビュー5周年を迎えるSexy Zone待望のNEWシングルは、どこか懐かしくて切ない、ミディアム・バラード楽曲!! ※初回限定盤A、初回限定盤B、通常盤とで一部収録曲が異なります。


1. よびすて
3. キャラメルドリーム
3. シャンデリア・アベニュー
3. Like a fighter
4. よびすて (Inst.)
5. 君だけFOREVER (Inst.)
6. キャラメルドリーム (Inst.)


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      • How do you konw i am Chinese?Obviously , it’s from my English. After graduated from Senior High School in 2006, I had not touch English anymore.Sorry (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
        Now I access this net without VPN , but it’s very very slowly. Sometimes it will error , then disconnect.
        Frist, I download this file with Cloudup , the speed is under 10k. And then it error.
        Secondly I use MediaFire, the speed is about 50k to 80k. And download succeedly.
        But I think it will be more and more diffcult , no matter access the net or download the file from foreign internet.
        OH MY GOD,I can write so much English unexpectedly. Can you know the all meaning?

        • Hello, thank for reply. We understand your english! Actually we had located asia region server but is it still slow for you to load the site ? By the way, we will think to add the 百度盘 as well. Do you have any suggestion for 云储存网盘 (file hosts) which is high speed for China region besides 百度盘 ?

          • Unfortunately , only Baidu now.
            In this year, more and more file hosts has been shut down by chinese gov.(Nobaby say it’s shut down by gov , but we just konwn.)
            We don’t how long Baidu can hold on. Maybe , there will be not file hosts in China anymore, unless unlawful file hosts.
            But I think, if the file is less than 100M, MediaFire is OK (speed 30K to 80K can be accepted by most of people.)
            If I often surf foreign internets, maybe I should buy a VPN. It is about 20 rmb a month. It’s cheap, but the greatest problem is that we don’t know how long it will take. Gov once combated the VPN.

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