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Artist : syrup16g
Title (Album) : darc
Release Date : 2016年11月16日

内容紹介 :



またアルバム収録曲を披露するワンマンライブが、11月1日に東京・下北沢CLUB Queで行われることが決定している。バンドのオフィシャルサイトでは、本日9月30日19:00にチケット販売がスタートする。

It was revealed that syrup16g released new album “darc” on November 16.

They who entered the studio in order to make a new song this winter for tour “HAIKAI” which started. Production will overflowed and, as a result, came to complete an album of the entering eight pieces on this occasion. In addition, Shuichi Watanabe knowing the early days of syrup16g as an engineer participates and does it when the member challenged production with a feeling “to make album “COPY” now” (the 2001 release).

In addition, it is decided that an autocratic live to show album collecting music is carried out in Tokyo, Shimokitazawa CLUB Que on November 1. In the official site of the band, ticketing starts today at 19:00 on September 30.



Deathparade – syrup16g(MV)


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