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Title (Single) : アイオクリ(movie ver.)
Release Date : 2017年1月25日

内容紹介 :



なおこの予告編の中で、miwaがボーカルを、坂口がギターを務める劇中バンド・The STROBOSCORPによる楽曲「アイオクリ」の音源が初公開された。同曲はandropの内澤崇仁(Vo, G)が提供したもので、miwaが葵海として作詞を担当。彼女がほかのアーティストが作曲したナンバーに歌詞を付けるのはこれが初めてとなる。

A preview of “the love of you and the 100th” was YouTube and was shown the movie that miwa and Kentaro Sakaguchi acted as the double lead.

A story to leap many times in time because the Hasegawa land of the childhood friend that Sakaguchi plays this product to save miwa Aoi Hyuuga Sea of the university student playing it from the accident changes her fate. The state of two people who love each other each other while running through time is drawn with the shown preview.

In a preview of Naoko, a sound source of musical piece “アイオクリ” by band, The STROBOSCORP during the drama that Sakaguchi acted as a guitar in vocals miwa was exhibited to the public first. 内澤崇仁 (Vo, G) of androp provided the music, and miwa is in charge of words as Aoi Sea. This becomes the first time that she adds the lyrics to the number that other artists composed.




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