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Artist : T/ssue
Title (Album) : I
Release Date : 2016年10月5日

内容紹介 :


2015年3月タワーレコード名古屋パルコ店限定で発売した音源「An Apple」は新人としては異例の1店舗500枚以上のセールスを記録。

2015年10月全国流通音源「White」をリリース。その後ネクストブレイクアーティストを一同に集めたTBS音楽番組CDTV NEXTへの出演・放送、SAKAE SP-RING、でらロックフェスティバル、見放題と大型サーキットイベントは入場規制、 2万5千人を動員したFREEDOM NAGOYA2016への出演など名古屋ギターロック界に現れた新星としてリスナー、バンド、媒体を問わず注目を集めている。


さらに今回「2次元ノート」を収録した1st Full Album『Ⅰ』のアートワークの公開と特典情報を解禁。「Ⅰ」特典は法人別で異なるのでぜひチェックして欲しい。

“A next-generation grazing system boy group of 4 rock band” from Nagoya of average age 23 years old
Sound source “An Apple” which it released only in a Tower Records Nagoya Parco shop in March, 2015 records sales more than 500 pieces of 1 exceptional store for a new face.

I release circulation sound source “White” of the whole country in October, 2015. The large size circuit event attracts attention regardless of a listener, a band, a medium afterwards as the nova which appeared in the Nagoya guitar rock world including the appearance to FREEDOM NAGOYA2016 which mobilized entrance regulation, 25,000 if free to see appearance, broadcast to TBS music channel CDTV NEXT which recruited next break artists to all members, SAKAE SP-RING, でら lock Festival.

I develop a cloud funding plan to produce MV of the band history best as the first Eggs sponsorship “エグサポ” artist and am accomplished wonderfully. I released “two dimensions notebook” MV which I built up with the fan.

Furthermore, I lift the ban on an exhibition and privilege information of the artwork of 1st Full Album “I” which recorded “a two-dimensional notebook” this time. I want you to check it by all means because the “I” privilege is different in corporation distinction.



T/ssue【2次元ノート】Music Video


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