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Artist : Two Side
Title (Single) : All you want
Release Date : 2017年3月31日

内容紹介 :

2016.10.1結成。 RAY,SJからなる2人組パフォーマンスユニット 自身で作詞作曲、プロデュースまで全て行う。 結成初日には 東阪ワンマンライブツアー、PVを発表する等 今後に目が離せない期待大の大型新ユニットがここに誕生。2017.3.31 1st Digital Single”All you want” iTunesより配信リリース決定!! 1位目指して予約絶賛受付中!! 是非よろしくお願いします!!

2016.10.1 organization. I perform all it until songwriting, produce by group of 2 performance unit oneself consisting of RAY,SJ. The large new unit of the expectation size to announce Tohan autocrat live tour, PV on the first day of the organization, and to must keep an eye on it in the future is birth here. I deliver it than 2017.3.31 1st Digital Single “All you want” iTunes and release it and am decided! I point to the first place and make a reservation and praise it highly and am accepting it! Please discuss the rights and wrongs!


1. All you want
Two Side


Two Side「Everybody!!」


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