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Artist : U-KISS
Title (Single) : Only Ever Yours
Release Date : 2017年7月5日

内容紹介 :


3ヶ所8公演をまわる今回のツアー「U-KISS PREMIUM LIVE -KEVIN’S GRADUATION-」は、ケビンの卒業が決まった後、いつも応援してくれるファンに向けて6人で感謝の気持ちを届けたいと用意されたツアーだ。


日本デビュー曲「Tick Tack」をはじめ、3月にリリースしたニューアルバム「U-KISS solo&unit ALBUM」から「All of Tonight」「DAMN!!」「Play Back」など最新曲も盛り込まれ、U-KISSのこれまでの軌跡を辿るかのような充実した内容となっている。

そして、今回のライブで歌唱するために急遽レコーディングされた6人最後の新曲「Only Ever Yours」も初披露された。ファンへのメッセージソングとも言えるこの新曲は、シングル・サブスクが4月26日から配信される。さらに、今回の公式ライブ写真の期間限定販売も決定している。

The stage which was the last when withdrawal of Kevin gathered six people of announced U-KISS opened a curtain.

After graduation of Kevin was decided, this tour “U-KISS PREMIUM LIVE -KEVIN’S GRADUATION-” which is past three places of 8 performances is the tour that it was prepared when I want to send the feeling of thanks with six for the fan whom I always support.

I reached the first day in a hall in Aichi, Nagoya international convention facility century, and, on April 20, the meeting place was filled with the fans who looked forward to six figures in a hand in a pink penlight impatiently.
Including Japanese debut music “Tick Tack,” the most new song including “All of Tonight” “DAMN!!” “Play Back” is included by new album “U-KISS solo&unit ALBUM” which I released in March, and it is the substantial contents which seem to follow a conventional trace of U-KISS.

And new song “Only Ever Yours” of this six lasts that was recorded in a hurry to sing songs live was shown for the first time. Single サブスク is delivered to this new song to be able to be called the message song to a fan from April 26. Furthermore, the limited sale is decided during the period of this formally live photograph, too.


1. Only Ever Yours


U-KISS —「Only Ever Yours – Single」[Full Version]


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