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Artist : UQiYO
Title (Single) : U R M’ Pocket
Release Date : 2017年4月12日

内容紹介 :

UQiYOの連続新曲配信プロジェクト“「Monthly Shonen UQiYO」(月刊少年ウキヨ)”がスタートした。

同プロジェクトでは4月を皮切りに、“月刊連載”として毎月新曲が配信リリースされていくという。第一弾楽曲「U R M’ Pocket」は、本日4月12日(水)よりSpotify、Apple Music、AWA、KKBOXの各サブスクリプションサービスおよびiTunesにて配信開始となっている。「U R M’ Pocket」は2016年、スピッツ主催のライブイベント<新木場サンセット>出演時に会場限定で無料配布されていたナンバーで、今回の正式リリースに際しては楽曲の再構築を経て新たにレコーディングが行なわれたという。

新曲配信と合わせて、各配信サイトではUQiYOが選んだ楽曲プレイリストなどが展開中。また、「Monthly Shonen UQiYO」の特設ページ(http://uqiyo.com/monthlyshonenuqiyo/)では楽曲映像や本人のライナーノーツといったコンテンツが楽しめる。


A series of UQiYO new song delivery project “Monthly Shonen UQiYO” “” (monthly boy ウキヨ) started.

It is said that a new song delivers it and is released as “monthly serialization” by the project every month with April as a start. The first musical piece “U R M’ Pocket” becomes the delivery start by Spotify, Apple Music, AWA, each subscription service of KKBOX and iTunes today from Wednesday, April 12. “U R M’ Pocket” is the number distributed at the time of live event appearance hosted by a spitz free only in a meeting place in 2016, and it is said that recording was performed after the rebuilding of the musical piece on the occasion of official release at this time newly.

New song delivery and the musical piece playlist which UQiYO chose in total in each delivery site are unfolding. In addition, I can enjoy contents such as the sleeve notes of a musical piece picture and the person in specially installed page (http://uqiyo.com/monthlyshonenuqiyo/) of “Monthly Shonen UQiYO”.

In addition, UQiYO carries out plan “151A_RT” doing the inspiration that a creator of each place received from the music from Hokkaido to Okinawa in a work while tying one piece of just CD to the world with delivery by hand other than this project. The situation of this collaboration is shown sequentially in specially installed page (http://uqiyo.com/151a_rt/).


1. U R M' Pocket


Making of U R M' Pocket


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