UVERworld – 一滴の影響 (short ver.)

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Artist : UVERworld
Title (Single) : 一滴の影響 (short ver.)
Release Date : 2017年1月11日

内容紹介 :



なおシングルにはクリスマスライブでも披露されたアニメ「青の祓魔師 京都不浄王篇」オープニングテーマ「一滴の影響」や映画「新宿スワンII」の挿入歌「エミュー」、AK-69とのコラボ曲「Forever Young(AK-69 feat. UVERworld)」を収録。DVD付きの初回限定盤、CDのみの通常盤と期間生産限定盤の3仕様が用意される。さらに「エミュー」のショートバージョンを収録した映画「新宿スワンII」のサウンドトラックが1月18日にリリースされることも明らかになった。

UVERworld releases nu single “one drop of influence” on February 1.

President position office of the band announced this by a live in Christmas practiced yesterday in Tokyo, a Japanese martial arts gymnasium on December 25. I appeared with pink whole body tights & Afro-hair figure in the live latter half, and he hung midair and invited the laughter of the audience and did “premature start announcement” about the release of the new single before a formula announcement more.

In addition, it is single, and collaboration music with AK-69 records “Forever Young(AK-69 feat. UVERworld)” the animated cartoon “祓魔師京都不浄王篇 opening theme song of “one drop of influence” and insertion “emu” which was shown to Christmas live of the blue” of movie “Shinjuku swan II”. 3 specifications of the first limited board with DVD, the normal board only for CDs and the board production-limited during a period are prepared for. Furthermore, it was revealed that a sound track of movie “Shinjuku swan II” which recorded the short version of “the emu” was released on January 18.




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