Various Artists – きれいなひとりぼっちたち

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Artist : Various Artists (V.A.)
Title (Album) : きれいなひとりぼっちたち
Release Date : 2016年12月7日

内容紹介 :


アルバムのタイトルはリリー・フランキーと峯田和伸が考案。この作品には麻生久美子、安藤裕子、クボタタケシ、クリープハイプ、GOING UNDER GROUND、THE COLLECTORS、サンボマスター、sebuhiroko、曽我部恵一、ミツメ、YOUR SONG IS GOOD、YUKI、YO-KINGが参加し、銀杏BOYZの名曲をカバーしている。


さらに12月6日には、2014年から現在までの銀杏BOYZの活動を追ったムック本「銀杏BOYZ ぴあ」も発売。ファンから募集した楽曲レビューなどの掲載が予定されている。楽曲レビューは10月20日まで、専用アンケートフォームにて受け付けている。

The tribute album “clean solitude” that 13 sets of artists cover a musical piece of ginkgo BOYZ are released on December 7.

Lily Frankie and Kazunobu Mineta devise the title of the album. Kumiko Aso, Yuko Ando, Kubota Takeshi, クリープハイプ, GOING UNDER GROUND, THE COLLECTORS, sambo master, sebuhiroko, Keiichi Sogabe, ミツメ, YOUR SONG IS GOOD, YUKI, YO-KING participate in this work and cover a famous tune of ginkgo BOYZ.

In addition, the release of the collection of photographs “collection of Kawashima small bird, ginkgo BOYZ tribute photographs” (provisionally) which edited the portrait of girls whom the Kawashima small bird of the photographer photographed for a CD jacket of ginkgo BOYZ on December 7 same as an album again was decided. The photograph which I selected is placed by the more than 2000 unscreened cuts which were not used in a jacket, and the contribution sentence by Mineta is put, too.

Mook book “ginkgo BOYZ Pia” which chased activity of ginkgo BOYZ to date more from 2014 on December 6 is release. The publications such as the musical piece reviews that I raised are planned by a fan. I accept the musical piece review with an exclusive questionnaire form until October 20.





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