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Artist : Ye Ye (YeYe)
Title (Album) : ひと
Release Date : 2016年7月13日

内容紹介 :




The trailer picture of the 3rd album “person” whom YeYe released on July 13 was shown in YouTube.

The original full album that it becomes approximately three years since the last “person” for YeYe. I can enjoy all collecting music of the album in a digest with the trailer picture. In addition, with the blog which she matches it with the exhibition of the trailer and updated, I comment on a product now saying “an every time album is so, but this is the collected studies of present YeYe”.

In addition, YeYe carries out program delivery in Ustream from 20:00 on Sunday, June 19. I can have all musical pieces that are recorded in an album on that day played before buying quickly and can watch a session of the collecting music.



YeYe 3rd album「ひと」trailer 2016.7.13.Wed. on sale!


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