Yuko Kashi – Counter Clockwise

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Artist : Yuko Kashi
Title (Album) : Counter Clockwise
Release Date : 2017年6月24日

内容紹介 :

Album “Counter Clockwise” of YUKO KASHI is released. YUKO KASHI is Japanese female and plays vocal & piano. This time she sings on the grooves of D.COCO. D.COCO offers many works to many artists. What’s more, YUI MINATO’s guitar plays the splendid role. The sound of his finger strings draws the unique world. That imspired KASHI’s imagination. The illustration of album jacket is by YUKO.K who says, “Won’t you play the fancy sounds by this pick?” All lyrics by YUKO KASHI. She matches these words with the grooves. And two grooves without words are offered to everybody. Let’s try it!

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